Pioneer Special Risk unveils new cyber suite coverage for allied healthcare

22 August 2017

Pioneer Special Risk, noted for innovative insurance products, today announces the launch of a new suite of cyber coverage insuring allied healthcare entities against a host of digital risks. This product is an addition to the allied healthcare product line that is underwritten by Jim Stewart, Senior Vice President of Allied Healthcare at Pioneer Special Risk.

Pioneer Special Risk’s cyber suite offers comprehensive coverage with multiple layers of insurance defense against the complex, ever-evolving cyber risks that allied healthcare entities face daily. Pioneer Special Risk’s cyber suite includes coverages to help allied healthcare entities affected by data breaches and cyber-attacks. Coverages include computer attacks, data compromises, network security, cyber extortion, identity recovery and more.

Allied healthcare entities will have access to eRiskHub®, a risk management portal designed to help prepare and respond effectively to data breaches and cyber-attacks. “My Tech Support” offers free computer diagnostics, virus removal, technical assistance and related digital security services. Finally, allied healthcare entities will have access to a range of experts when recovering from cyber extortion and data breaches.

Jim Stewart, Senior Vice President of Allied Healthcare at Pioneer Special Risk said: “The risks emanating from cyber-attacks have exponentially increased with the concurrent growth in interconnectivity and globalization. Pioneer Special Risk’s additional cyber suite coverage provides comprehensive protection for allied healthcare entities, delivers coverage against complex, ever-evolving cyber risks and provides access to our first-rate cyber experts.”


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