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  • Colm Kelly
  • Head of Pioneer Natural Resources
  • Location: Zurich
  • Team: Pioneer Natural Resources
  • Telephone: +41 43 210 3581
  • Email:
  • Risk Codes:
    EF, 6T, TO, 3E, CZ

With a 24 year successful track record in Oil and Gas insurance, Colm joined Pioneer in February 2015 as Head of Zurich based Pioneer Natural Resources, with the responsibility to develop the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical portfolio. Graduating as a Chemical Engineer he began his career in the refining industry before switching to insurance in 1991. After five years at Winterthur Re concentrating mainly on onshore risks, he joined Swiss Re where he established himself as a market lead for Onshore risks. Towards the end of his 10 years at Swiss Re he assumed responsibility for Portfolio and Strategy Management across the whole of Natural Resources, before joining Infrassure to build and develop their portfolio of Oil and Gas risks, both Onshore and Offshore. He was appointed CUO of Infrassure following the restructuring of the company in mid 2013.