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  • Peter Kelly
  • Underwriter
  • Location: London - 7 Bishopsgate
  • Team: Pioneer Mobile Equipment
  • Telephone: +44 (0)207 480 0290
  • Email:
  • Risk Codes:
    CC, CB

Peter joined Pioneer in April 2014 as Underwriting Manager in respect of Engineering and Construction with his speciality relating to Contractors. Mobile Plant and Equipment. Peter started his career in 1970 with National Vulcan and was based in Manchester before moving to London in 1992 as Head of Underwriting. He has held senior positions at UAP/AXA; TSM Agencies and latterly WR Berkley (Europe). Peter has over 45 years experience in the Engineering and Construction market dealing with UK and Overseas risks. He is also well known as a lecturer at various insurance institutes throughout the UK and is co-author of two insurance books issued through the London Insurance Institute. Peter is also recognised throughout the Engineering and Construction industry as a major market leader.