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  • Russell Coward
  • Head of Risk & Compliance and Company Secretary
  • Location: London - 7 Bishopsgate
  • Team: Operations
  • Telephone: +44 (0)207 480 0388
  • Email:
  • Risk Codes:

Russell Coward joined Pioneer in May 20L4 after 6 years at Hiscox, with his last 3 years at Hiscox as Head of Group Compliance. His role involved managing the Group's compliance activities internationally across multiple Lloyd's, UK and European insurance company and US domestic platforms. In 2013, Russell joined the Lloyd's Market Association's Delegated Underwriting Committee as its compliance representative. Russell has held senior Compliance roles within the UK general insurance sector since 2005. In 2002 Russell was a co-founder of an insurance agency in South Africa, which was ultimately acquired by a Johannesburg Stock Exchange listed firm.