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  • Simon Holt
  • Senior Underwriter, Financial Institutions
  • Location: London - 7 Bishopsgate
  • Team: Pioneer Financial Institutions
  • Telephone: +44 (0)20 7480 0287
  • Email:
  • Risk Codes:
    BB, F2, F3, D4 D5, 7T

Simon was previously Product Manager, Financial lnstitutions at Travelers. Prior to joining Travelers, Simon worked at JLT and Marsh, where he joined on the MMC European Graduate Programme. Simon is a Graduate of the University of Wales Bangor, with over 10 years Fl and commercial D&0 experience. ln September 2012, Simon won the lnsurance lnsider's Young Underwriter of the Year Award. Simon is a Chartered lnsurer (ACll) and is IMC qualified.