Property Facultative Based in London the International Property Facultative team writes on a worldwide basis and is focused upon primary property facultative and binder risks. The team is lead by Robert Coker who has 25 years’ experience in the insurance and reinsurance sector.

35+years of underwriting

$10mmaximum line size
for effective risk transfer

We enjoy a good relationship with the major brokers and clients in this class.

We take a consistent and technical approach to writing the portfolio

The prime focus is upon having a good understanding of each risk.

Targeting a wide range of occupancies with a worldwide remit.

We utilize our own rating tools which have been developed and refined over many years.

We have a strong emphasis on risk management.

Our Services

  • High quality service to our brokers and clients
  • Our experience allows us to be flexible in our approach to brokers and clients needs

About Pioneer’s IPF team

  • Decision making in London
  • Maximum line size of $10m for effective risk transfer
  • Lead underwriter experience
  • Our underwriters have a proven successful track record

The Pioneer Approach

  • A disciplined, quality-focussed approach to underwriting
  • Intent on building long-term value
  • Strong emphasis on MI, reporting and modelling
  • Transparent, collaborative relationship with capital backers
  • Our businesses use specialist underwriting systems

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Rob Coker

Rob Coker Head Underwriter

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Christian Bennett

Christian Bennett Underwriter

+44 (0)20 7480 0216

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