Pioneer CAT is based in London and provides property catastrophe reinsurance underwriting, distribution and portfolio management expertise to its capacity providers utilising a global network of brokers. The team was formed in September 2013 and is led by David Carson who has over 30 years' experience in the Lloyd’s and London Market. Pioneer CAT has demonstrated the ability to originate substantial quantities of attractive reinsurance proposals since its inception.

We focus, principally, on traditional catastrophe reinsurance.

Pioneer CAT offers underwriting and management services for delegated facilities. Backed by first class security, on either an automatic or referral basis, we write traditional property treaty business in Japan, the US, Canada and the Caribbean via six distinct delegated facilities (JDF, USDF, UCCDF, TPJDF, CCDF & CCJDF).

Lines are separate, not aggregated.

Products offered: Cat XL, Pro Rata, Risk XL, Aggregate XL and ILW.

Our facilities enjoy strong support from all the major brokers. Maximum Cat XL capacity varies by territory but, generally, is USD 20m + per programme. Claims are settled quickly - an essential component of our "promise to pay".

ln 2019 we plan to write approx. USD 70m premium for our capacity providers; approx. split: 70% US; 21% Japan; 6% Caribbean; and 3% Canada.

We can also write collateralised reinsurance via ILS markets and are happy to discuss our offering with potential investors. Focus is on US, single peril, short duration.


  • Property treaty (either traditional or collateralised)
  • US, Canada, Caribbean and Japan
  • Offering capacity that is meaningful and provides geographic diversity of reinsurer
  • Comprehensive research and analysis


  • Providing underwriting, distribution & portfolio management expertise to capacity providers
  • Capitalising on long-standing business relationships with a deliberately targeted client base
  • Focus on broker & client dialogue, both in London and globally
  • Access to both traditional and alternative capital

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  • A disciplined, experienced approach to underwriting
  • Proactive, efficient service
  • Intent on providing long-term value through robust partnerships
  • Transparent, collaborative relationships with capacity providers