Pioneer Engineering underwrite both Facultative and Treaty engineering risks on a worldwide basis utilising over 30 years of experience in this class of business and strong relationships with key engineering brokers.

Writing both facultative and treaty engineering business is an important differentiator for Pioneer and allows our underwriters first hand experience of relevant facultative market issues when talking to our treaty clients.

We write business on a traditional proportional/ground up basis but we are also willing to consider excess of loss opportunities, where available.

We offer a flexible and consistent underwriting approach to our clients and our brokers.

Our focus will be on the following Risk classes:

  • EAR - Erection ‘All Risks’ and associated Delay in Start-Up insurance
  • CAR - Construction ‘All Risks’ and associated Delay in Start-Up insurance
  • Operational power including Machinery Breakdown together with Business Interruption


  • Provision of the highest quality service to our business partners
  • Well understood risk appetite and heavy civil engineering projects such as tunnels and pipelines looked at less favourably
  • Ability to look at business on a ground up quota share basis or on an excess of loss basis
  • Disciplined approach to the setting of line sizes


  • Our underwriters have a proven successful track record in writing both facultative and treaty engineering business
  • Decision making in London
  • Emphasis on loss control and the utilisation of engineers
  • Underwriters are very experienced in PML assessments

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  • A disciplined, quality-focussed approach to underwriting
  • Intent on building long-term value
  • Strong emphasis on MI, reporting and modelling
  • Transparent, collaborative relationship with capital backers
  • Our businesses use specialist underwriting systems