Pioneer US Delegated was launched in July 2012 to partner with “best in class” MGAs and carriers within specific industry groups.

Our team has over 29 years of experience as expert builders and managers of MGA portfolios, allowing us to leverage our relationships for long term success.

As expert builders of portfolios, we have developed a tremendous base of knowledge and relationships with the very best MGAs in the U.S. Our due diligence process is thorough, sometimes taking years before we select the best in class MGAs within specialty niches. Over the years we have reviewed hundreds of MGAs to select only a few of the very best as trading partners. Our up front selection process allows our team to continuously outperform industry benchmarks.

We also have the capability to expertly manage this business model. This includes, but is not limited to, CAT modelling, PML optimization, the design and enforcement of underwriting guidelines, underwriter training, regular underwriting and financial audits, the monitoring of loss trends and emerging factors in litigation by specific geography, rate and pricing analysis. We believe that these are the key ingredients of successful portfolio management, and our rigorous approach to selection and management continues to be validated by our best in class results.


  • Operates exclusively with “best in class” specialty niche players
  • Property, General liability, Inland Marine, Auto, Ocean Marine
  • Cat and Non Cat
  • Admitted and Non Admitted
  • Serving U.S. and London markets


  • Over $70m in GNP with a plan to write $100m by year 5
  • Underwriting experience and expertise
  • Proven track record of superior results
  • Deep relationships with both carriers and MGAs


Pioneer US Delegated has built a diverse and profitable portfolio of MGA business, written by senior underwriters in their respective industry groups. Partnering with Pioneer US Delegated offers you an extremely efficient and effective way of building a large and sustainable portfolio of MGA business in a short period of time.